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Teaching and Learning

We implement small class teaching with class size of 25 students from Primary level one to level six. We adopt various learning and teaching approaches such as collaborative learning, high order thinking skills and exploratory learning to motivate learning and maximize teaching effectiveness.

Native English and Putonghua teachers teach in language lessons and encourage interaction inside and outside the classrooms.

For Mathematics lessons, we put a lot of emphasis in helping students to build up mathematical concepts and problem solving skills.

We also strive to implement exploratory learning and project learning in General Studies. Students are encouraged to learn in G.S. room and Nature Trial for different exploring activities.

For years, we have been invited by different educational institutes to implement seed projects and action researches on teaching and learning. This year we work with Education Bureau to launch English reading and writing programme, small class teaching programme, Putonghua teaching exchange programmes and various collaborative and sharing programmes in different subjects.